Kate Middleton’s Latest Look Is a Total Shocker for One Simple Reason (PHOTO)

kate middletonIf it ain't broke, don't fix it. Those are the words that ought to be engraved on the Kensington Palace doors, because that's the motto Kate Middleton lives by. Particularly when it comes to fashion.

During one of the Duchess of Cambridge's recent appearances in New Zealand, she decided to wear something she's already worn before -- a gorgeous knee-length, pleated coat dress by New Zealand-born/London-based designer, Emilia Wickstead. No biggie, right? The Duchess repeats clothing all the time.

A-ha-ha! That's where you're wrong! This time the Duchess threw us all for a loop and wore a dress she's already worn -- but in a different color. Leave it to Kate to keep us all on our toes!


kate middleton

Middleton wore the same aquamarine Emilia Wickstead dress last spring -- twice, actually -- in a pale pink version. Personally, I'm more partial to the pink one, but Kate looks gorgeous nonetheless. And I'm a huge believer in the philosophy of "if an article of clothing works, why not buy more than one"? Kate knows what looks good on her (just like you know what brand of jeans looks good on you). Why deviate if it's working? There's no sense in wearing something different just to wear something different.

As usual, Kate looks gorgeous and managed to take a look she already wore and change it up a bit. Love that. And while I'm a huge fan of her "recycling her clothes," as everybody calls it, I'd love to see her wear some of the same dresses and shirts she already owns in different colors and patterns. Just to spice it up for us all a bit. Looking great as always, Kate! And love the fascinator!

Which version of the dress do you like better, the blue or the pink?

Images via Instagram/Rob Jefferies/Getty

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