Surprise Coachella Appearance by Beyonce Proves She Didn't Photoshop Bikini Pics (VIDEO)

beyonce golfingBeyonce posted pictures of herself on Instagram and the world went nuts. Yelling that she photoshopped them because in one shot her thighs aren't touching. Stop the presses people! Take a deep breath and relax. Remember that Instagram allows for filters that mess slightly with what you are really looking at. And it is possible that she's lost weight and that's why her legs look so thin. Plus, if you are looking at it with an honest eye, the lighting in the picture is all sorts of funny.


I do have to admit -- it does look like there is lots of room in between her legs in the image below -- but I still don't think she is guilty as accused. And I think an amateur video taken at Coachella proves me right. In the video you see Beyonce dancing around with sister Solange (which, okay, how cool is that!?) but you can also see her legs look pretty skinny. There is just no disputing it.

beyonce golfing

Besides, why on earth would Beyonce photoshop her own Instagram photos. She's better than that. Sorry doubters -- she just is. Watch her Coachella performance and judge for yourself!


Do you think she photoshopped her Instagram pictures?



Images via Instagram/Beyonce

Video via YouTube/RapUpTV

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