Seth Rogen Hosts SNL but Taylor Swift Cameo Gets Biggest Applause (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift seth roganSeth Rogen opened SNL with three stellar (and hilarious) cameos on Saturday night. He didn't bother weaving them throughout the show but rather just brought them right out in his opening monologue. One-by-one James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Taylor Swift joined him on stage.


His first reference was to Franco, ribbing him about his recent Instagram-young-girl scandal, saying:

I decided to prank James Franco. I posed as a girl on Instagram, told him I was way young. He seemed unfazed. I have a date to meet him at the Ace Hotel.

When Franco came out he was all smiles and Zooey popped in and out and then back in again. But, by far, the largest roar from the crowd came when Taylor Swift walked on stage.

You can even see in the video below James and Zooey laughing about it ... like they'd talked about it before and knew Swift was going to get the biggest reaction from the audience.

When Rogen asks her why she's here she simply says "You were getting really upset. And whenever a man shows emotion, I appear!"

Do you think Seth Rogen did a good job hosting?



Image via NBC

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