Angelina Jolie Still 'Hates' Jennifer Aniston & Her Kids Are Out of Control

Angelina JolieIf you ever suspected that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have this wild and crazy life behind their cool, aloof, smiling facade, well, you don't know the half of it. An insider has lifted the lid on the power couple to Star magazine, and lemme just say, these two sound pretty freaky ... which I guess shouldn't be too shocking.


The insider reveals some wacky secrets about the couple -- though this is Star magazine. For instance, supposedly the kids run wild at all hours and rule the household. Considering they seem so well-behaved in public, that's a bit surprising, but considering it IS six kids, it's not.

Says the insider:

Those children are wild. There’s constant screaming at all times of the day and night and they are extremely messy. You will find food, empty McDonald’s wrappers, candy wrappers, piles of toys and clothes, even dead bugs all over the house! It’s disgusting, but Brad and Angie think it’s great. And the housekeepers [are] expected to clean it all up!

Eww. Dead bugs?? Any kids are messy but that's extreme. And who knew Ange was feeding her kids such junk? (Supposedly.)

But that's not the craziest of it. The couple also apparently are filled with insecurity and jealousy about each other -- each worried that the other will or has cheated (understandable given who they are) -- and yet they apparently still have a very saucy sex life, filled with sex toys. Says the source:

They are very kinky and will spontaneously hook up any chance they get. They go at it like rabbits.

That's pretty cute after so many years and kids, isn't it?

But the strangest tidbit is that apparently Ange still feels very competitive -- both personally and professionally -- with none other than Jennifer Aniston. The source claims Ange is "super vindictive" about Jen and "hates" her.

Hmmm. Not sure I buy that. Why on earth would Angelina care anything about her at this point? I mean, Ange, you got Jen's man. You got the awards, the respect, the credibility, the directing jobs. What more do you want??!! Leave a little for Jen, sheesh.

Anyway, quite a peek, eh? I'm hoping at least the sex toys part is true.

Do you think any of this is true?


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