Johnny Depp's Teen Daughter Makes Him Feel Like All Teens Make Us Feel (VIDEO)

The next time your teen is all, "Mom, you are soooo uncool," take heart. This doesn't mean you're a totally embarrassing doofus. It just means you have a teen. Need more proof? Johnny Depp's daughter thinks he's uncool. I repeat: Johnny Depp has a daughter who thinks he is uncool! Johnny told Ellen DeGeneres that his 15-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, far from walking around bleating about her awesomely hip dad Johnny Depp, instead is "scary" to him.


He confessed to Ellen:

She's a sharp kid, very sophisticated, super intelligent and, uh, scary. All that cool stuff is going on that 15-year-old girls ... All that stuff. So she could be the sweetest thing in the world, which most of the time she is, and suddenly I'm in trouble for something.

Well, to be fair, maybe Lily-Rose is slightly peeved that Johnny left her mom, Vanessa Paradis, to be with the much younger Amber Heard, but who am I to say? Maybe Johnny just really is a dork around the house.

Check it out:

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I distinctly remember that phase when I wanted nothing to do with the adults in my life. Hell, I could have had Johnny Depp, Jay Z, or Obama for a Dad and been embarrassed by them. So take heart, Johnny, this phase passes!

But moms, in case you need a reminder that you teen isn't the arbiter of your coolness, just watch this video again.

Can you relate to what Johnny's saying?


Image via Ellen

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