Prince William & Kate Middleton Already Turning Away Suitors for Prince George

Prince GeorgeWe're long past the days of royal infant betrothals, but that doesn't mean that some parents of baby girls in attendance at Prince George's playdate aren't trying to lock it down.

Apparently Kate Middleton and Prince William have already been receiving offers of potential female suitors while they've been out and about on their tour of New Zealand and Austrailia. On their latest stop on Friday at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour, Wills spilled the beans that his firstborn is already quite the ladies man.


"There have been a few babies touted to us," he us he admitted bragged. Of course, some of these babies are obviously perfect for little George, having been born within days of each other, perferring to bang on the same toy drums, or even a mutual love of keeping their parents up all hours of the night. They're made for each other, let's face it.

Eh, it's all good fun, and probably way more normal than royal parents before William and Kate have experienced. Who doesn't dream up potential mates for their babies? It's all part of the experience ... imagining who they'll be, what they'll like, how they will chose to spend their lives...

But I'd be willing to venture that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the first royals down-to-earth enough for us regular folks to joke about pairing our babies off with theirs.

Would you hook your child up with a royal if you could?


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