Tori Spelling's New TV Show Is Truly Painful Look at Her Marriage (VIDEO)

Tori SpellingTori Spelling has a new docuseries, True TORI, coming out on Lifetime, and woah! It looks pretty intense. In a new sneak peek at the series, which debuts April 22, Tori and Dean look like they are sitting in a therapist's office and WOW did Dean just totally admit he cheated on Tori? Unless this is some fancy editing work, that's what it looks like!


"That's my worst nightmare, I cheated on my wife," says Dean. His worst nightmare??? More like HERS??? More like yours is getting caught, Dean!

Then a tearful Tori is all, "I can never give him enough sex ... He's never going to be happy with just me!"

Seriously, folks, if this is the way the show is gonna down, it should be pretty riveting. Though you have to wonder WHY. Why do this?! What about the kids?

Maybe rumors were right and this is Tori's way of getting back at Dean? Testing him? Maybe 24/7 cameras were the only way she could be assured he wouldn't cheat again? Maybe Tori genuinely wanted to help others in the same position? Maybe she needed the money this badly?

I dunno. It's rare we get a genuine raw look into a Hollywood marriage -- what goes on behind the smiling facade. So I have to sort of say kudos to Tori and Dean for trying this out.

But since Tori opens the segment that the tabloids lied about everything, I have to wonder what they were lying about. Sounds like they got it right to me. Unless Dean was speaking figuratively when he said his worst dream was cheating on Tori -- and was making the point that it's his worst nightmare that the tabs would say something untrue like that.

Maybe when Dean says sex was an escape, he's talking about the past? You never know with these tricky editors. Might be just trying to get us to tune in.

But we will quickly figure out if this is real or not ... and if they play that "Gotcha" game with us, then they deserve the show tanking and never being heard from again!

At any rate, I'll be checking it out. Watch for The Stir recaps!


Image via Lifetime

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