Hilary Duff May Not Be Getting Divorced After All

Hilary DuffSometimes it takes getting hit on by Aaron Carter to make a girl rethink her divorce. And that's what may have happened with Hilary Duff. It wasn't that long ago that former boyfriend Carter appealed to Hilary through Twitter to give them another chance -- but Hilary has responded by ... reportedly calling off her divorce to husband Mike Comrie! I mean, wouldn't you?


The couple, who have a 1-year-old son, Luca Cruz, separated in January, but have now reportedly decided to reconcile. Supposedly all it took was the two of them getting away together on holiday to rethink their separation. RadarOnline reports:

Hilary and Mike hooked up when they were in the Bahamas. Once they were together with their son, Luca, in the Caribbean, it got emotional and real. Mike broke down and begged Hilary for a second chance. They’ve been meeting for hookups ever since, and Hilary’s softened and the two are moving forward to see if they can work it out. Hilary’s one stipulation is that Mike step up to full-time parenting duties while she works on her new TV show and her music career.

Hmm. The couple never said what had caused their separation, but whatever it was, if Mike is the one "begging" for a second chance, then it was all his fault! Haha. Seriously, since these two have a young son, it is awesome that they have decided to give it another go. I mean, provided nothing too horrible happened.

Sometimes young people expect that marriage is going to be all champagne wishes and S&M-fueled dreams, but lo, especially after you have a baby, it's a lot of champagne furtively gulped whilst baby cries hysterically and dishes pile up to the ceiling. A little different than movies, TV, books, and even our friends would have us believe!

So maybe they finally figured out they were both ready to put the work in. Maybe it was sister Haylie's engagement that got Hilary thinking. Maybe it really was Aaron Carter's skeevy tweets.

While Hilary hasn't confirmed the separation is off, it's clear they have been spending a lot of time together and still seem to be quite close, so something is going on. Let's wish them the best.

Do you think they belong together?


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