'Game of Thrones' Sneak Peek: The OTHER Wedding We've All Been Waiting For (VIDEO)

game of thrones The Lion and the Rose

It's back, it's back, it's really, really back! Game of Thrones season 4 debuted to much fanfare and ridiculously high ratings last Sunday. "Two Swords," the season 4 premiere episode, was not to be missed, as it had everything fans had been clamoring for. And it seems like the momentum may not stop until the season finale. If we needed any more proof, it lies in the fact that the highly anticipated Purple Wedding, in an episode called "The Lion and the Rose," will be shown in episode 2! That's this Sunday, people!

GoT fans have been geeking out about this wedding just as much as season 3's Red Wedding, and from everything we've gleaned from the insiders behind the scenes, this will be the episode to watch. And it's only the second one of the season! How crazy is that! I would say I desperately need a life but this really is all just damn too exciting.


There may be SPOILERS AHEAD for the second episode of Game of Thrones. If you don't want to know ANYTHING about what's to come, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. You have been warned!



All right, so here's the official synopsis:

Tyrion lends Jaime a hand. Joffrey and Margaery host a breakfast. At Dragonstone, Stannis loses patience with Davos. Ramsay finds a purpose for his pet. North of the Wall, Bran sees where they must go.

Clearly Jaime desperately needs a hand, as his was chopped off, though he was able to fashion a pretty cool-looking one in "Two Swords." I kind of love how a simple phrase like "host a breakfast" will so greatly contrast with the opulence and splendor that will be the Purple Wedding between the hated King Joffrey and Margaery.

It will also be the first time, it seems, we see Bran, Ramsay (most likely Theon?), Davos, Stannis, and Melisandre.

But seriously, the only thing we want to see is the Purple Wedding. Reportedly, the wedding could take up nearly 26 minutes of this 52-minute-long episode. Show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said, "For us it’s fun to see characters who normally occupy separate storylines collide like charged particles in an accelerator. What if Cersei met Brienne? What if Loras bumped into Jaime?"

Oh my goodness, the possibilities.

Of course, those who have read A Storm of Swords also knows what is coming, a plot twist of all plot twists, but it's difficult to say if this is the episode in which it will happen. Regardless, this wedding should be one of the most amazing weddings we'll ever see on TV, and it should only build upon the momentum we saw in episode 1. Could this season possibly be better than season 3? I for sure cannot wait to find out!

Here is the trailer. Tyrion is, as always, hilarious:

What about the Purple Wedding are you most looking forward to seeing? Please be mindful of spoilers!


Image via HBO

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