Robert Pattinson Gets Yet an Another Amazing Reward for 'Twilight'

Robert PattinsonGood news -- it looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be united again. Bad news -- it's only because they're both involved in an ugly lawsuit over their Twilight bonuses. Back to good news -- now we know what those bonuses are and, dayum, those crazy kids made bank.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Rob got a $300,000 bonus for the first Twilight film, probably because he already had some name recognition playing a role in a movie version of an uber popular book series (who else cried when Cedric died?).


Of course that's a lot of money to us little people, like maybe even enough to buy a house or a Bentley, but considering that Twilight made $351 million worldwide on box office receipts alone, it's sort of a drop in the bucket. Especially considering that the chemistry between RPatz and KStew is a good part of what made the film so watchable.

So these two smarties negotiated a back-bonus of sorts when they were working out the details for New Moon. No word on how they managed it, but they got the producers to agree to pay them $2.5 million each as a bonus for the first movie.

Pretty sweet deal for the stars, and also a good reminder for the rest of us that it takes more than gobs of money to make a relationship work.

Are you surprised that Rob and Kristen managed to score a bonus deal?


Image via Nayara Oliveira/Flickr

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