Prince George Creating 'Big Problem' for His Royal Parents

kate prince georgePrince William and Kate Middleton are in New Zealand right now with baby Prince George, and the adorable royal family is sharing just what's it like to be new parents. Baby Prince is making a little trouble for his mum and dad -- trouble of the baby variety because it's not like anyone is really mad at him ... just look at that adorable face.

Apparently 8-month-old Prince George is being quite a baby. And there is some apologizing going on.


And it's all because Prince George isn't sleeping at night. Babies love to sleep. But not when you want them to! Prince William addressed those staying at the governor's general residence with the Royal family directly:

I hope that George doesn't keep you up. He's at his most vocal at 3 a.m., as you may have noticed. I swear I heard him doing the haka this morning. He's a bonny lad, and you'll be pleased to know that he's currently preparing for life as a [rugby player].

The haka is a dance the country's rugby team does before games. Oh sweet baby George must be so adorable in the midst of a sleep deprived overnight. I mean that sincerely. I remember those early days oh so well. And by remember, I mean they are all a hazy mess of cuteness.

Of course Prince William's speech was met with smiles and laughs and no doubt sympathy from fellow parents. What a little trouble maker already, that Prince.

Can you relate to what Prince William is going through? Doesn't he seem like such a great dad?


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