Kim Kardashian's Obsession With Kendall Jenner's Weight Is Scary

kim kardashianShe's famous for her ample assets, but recently Kim Kardashian appears to be slimming down. The reality star has been reportedly going to extreme lengths to lose weight for her upcoming Paris nuptials with Kanye West, despite having lost all the baby weight (and then some) after giving birth to North. Some say Kim has put herself on a rigorous twice-daily workout routine and has been eschewing any and all carbs. Seems like a little much, but hey, it's Kim's world.

Now, new reports are claiming that Kim doesn't just want to shed a few pounds for her big day -- she wants to be as thin as her sister, Kendall Jenner. Whaaat?!


An insider told Now Magazine, a British tabloid (so, yeah, take with a grain of salt), "Kim's feeling the pressure to look perfect for her big day -- and her idea of perfect is Kendall." They continued, "Kim's gone in all guns blazing to blast any unwanted body fat. She's instructed her trusted team to make her a waif for the wedding -- and she's ready to make whatever sacrifices she needs to."

Hmm. I don't doubt that, like many brides, Kim is trying to lose a few pounds and tone up for her wedding day, but "instructing her team to make her a waif"? Sounds a little fishy. After all, Kim is known for her curves and voluptuous bod. Could you imagine her with Kendall's body? I don't even think that would look good on her.

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Kim's currency is her looks, so it's no surprise that she's going all out, trying to look "perfect" for her wedding. But she truly does look great as she is right now and doesn't need to lose a single pound. Toning up and eating extra healthy in the days leading up to her wedding is one thing. But wanting her 18-year-old sister's body is just plain ridiculous.

Do you think Kim is going too far in her quest to slim down for her wedding?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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