'Mad Men' Season 7 Spoilers: Everything We Know About the Final Act

mad men season 7 promo photoMatthew Weiner's done it again. In the days leading up to the season 7 premiere of Mad Men, its creator has wagged his finger at the clued-in press, telling them that they can divulge nothing about what fans can expect for what we already know is going to be the beginning of the end. Thus, we're wilder than ever to find whatever spoilers and teasers we can (per usual).

Thankfully, a handful of juicy details have trickled out. Here, 8 details we (at least think we) know ...

  1. We can expect a trip out west. Given the shots taken of Jon Hamm shooting in front of an L.A. hotel, and the fact that the title of the episode is "Time Zones," it seems like a pretty educated guess that Draper & Co. aren't going to remain in NYC for the entire episode (or season).
  2. In fact, L.A. may trump NYC in a major way. Weiner has said he wants "to tell a story that started in 1960, where New York was the focus of not just the United States but the world, and to show the rise of California," so it's quite fitting that season 7 will include a storyline about the new SC&P office. It's one of those details Weiner didn't want the press to spill, but then he talked about it himself a couple of weeks ago.
  3. "Time Zones" has multiple meanings. It seems that in the season premiere, Don will feel that the clock is ticking in a big way. "Time is crucial. The passing of time...the inability to control time...and especially the remorselessness of time. Even Don - who knows this best of all - can't avoid its ravages for much longer," Newsday's Verne Gay writes.
  4. They're not re-inventing the wheel here. In other words, prepare to get cozy again with a lot of the show's "favorite themes," which Gay promises "will remain in play, with additional flourishes."
  5. The overall theme: "The consequences in life, and if change is possible." He describes the season's "emotional core" as, "When your needs are met, you start thinking about other things. There's a real growth over the course of this last season from what are the material concerns of your life to the immaterial concerns of your life. That's really what the ending of the show is about."
  6. Roger's going to Woodstock. Okay, maybe not literally, but it sounds like the LSD-lovin' ad man could very well be the destined to turn into the biggest hippie of the bunch. Weiner spilled, "Everyone at the beginning of the show was like, 'Are we gonna see Don in love beads and a Nehru jacket? I was like, 'No, but Roger will probably get there.'"
  7. Things are looking up for Peggy. Weiner said that Elisabeth Moss's character's ongoing story "is a constant mix between what is good for Peggy as a person, and what's good for Peggy's career — and they have not gone together at all. She only knows how to pay attention to her job, and that may become a story for this season." Along with being able to strike a balance, she may feel more empowered: "Hopefully, she's reaching a point in her life where she's gonna start to actually have some choices." 
  8. "The story of the season" is what Weiner calls the aftermath of Don rescinding on his offer to take Megan to California. "Are there repercussions for that? Yes."

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the season premiere? Guesses for how the plot will shake out?


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