Erin Andrews Spills Spicy 'DWTS' Secrets & Dishes on 'Doing It All'

Tom Bergeron Erin AndrewsBalancing a hectic schedule and getting everything on your list accomplished can be a bit of a feat. If anyone knows how crazy life can be, it's Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews.

Between her new gig in the ballroom and acting as a sports reporter, it's a wonder that she doesn't have days where she's about ready to collapse from running around from here to there.

I had the pleasure of chatting with her earlier this week about how she manages to "do it all," per se. But don't worry -- I also got her to spill some juicy details on season 18 of Dancing With the Stars, which is proving to be one of the most competitive group of dancers ever.


On how she's enjoying being a DWTS co-host so far:

It's been so much fun! All of the pros and dancers have been so nice and welcoming. It's different from sports reporting, but it's also sort of the same as far as interviewing the dancers on the "sidelines" after their performances.

On how she comes up with such fun interview questions and whether or not she makes them up on the spot:

It's a mix of both. I prepare myself for each week's show by watching videos of the dances on Sunday. I also ask producers questions to see how things are going between the partners each week. And on Monday, I watch the dances to see what happens, and I base my questions for the contestants on that. I also like to have fun with the questions -- like when I joked around about Peta Murgatroyd and James Maslow's relationship. I KNOW they aren't going to get married and have a baby -- but everyone wants to know if there is something going on between them, so I can't resist having a little fun.

On whether or not it's awkward working with Maksim Chmerkovskiy again, given the romance rumors between them in the past:

Why would it be awkward with Maks?!? He is one of the most special people in my life. He is very close to both me and my family because he was so supportive of me during a very difficult time. When he learned that I was going to be a part of DWTS, he even texted me to ask if I was "coming home." I told him yes and said, "Please tell me you are going to be there too." There is nothing awkward between us at all. He is wonderful.

On whether or not she's received any backlash for replacing Brooke Burke as co-host:

I'm not aware of any mixed reactions to my joining the show. I even called Brooke when it happened and let her know that I hoped I would do a good job and would be able to fill her shoes. I love her.

On how she stays energized even with a super hectic schedule:

I'm a Florida girl, and that's why I've recently teamed up with Florida Orange Juice, which is something that helps give me the vitamins and natural energy I need to get through the day. It's especially helpful when I don't have time to squeeze in all of my fruits and veggies for the day. I eat right, take care of my body, and also portion control helps me keep things in check.

On who she thinks the front runners are this season:

Definitely Meryl Davis and Charlie White are so gorgeous to watch. I'm also amazed at how well Candace Cameron is doing since she's never taken one dance class. And Danica McKellar is doing awesome too!

Have you enjoyed watching Erin on DWTS this season?


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