Joe Jonas Knows Exactly What's Wrong With Justin Bieber

Justin BieberSome of us may have been wondering what exactly has gotten into Justin Bieber, what with the arrests, the brothels, the sizzurp, the pap fracases, and the varying jerkanigans too numerous to list. But Joe Jonas thinks he knows EXACTLY what's wrong with the Biebs. And it's not Selena, fame, money, or even sizzurp (though that can't help). It's ... Justin's daddy!


Yep, Joe is blaming the whole thing on papa, telling Scene magazine:

I think we all saw it coming. Your dad is your party animal -- that’s going to sum it up pretty quick. There’s an equation for some sort of explosion.

It's true that Justin's dad, Jeremy, who is only 38, is often seen partying with him and was even in Miami with him when he was arrested. Just look at Jeremy with his arm tattoos and you can see who Justin is emulating.

Jeremy sure seems a far cry from Justin's mom, Pattie, who is a devoted Christian. Though even Pattie is reportedly giving Justin Xanax.

The truth is, when you're that rich and famous that young, you don't have parents. Your parents aren't going to cut off the gravy train by telling you to go to your room.

Whether or not any of this was Joe Jonas' business is another story. Maybe he genuinely feels bad for Bieber. Maybe he's just trying to get publicity for himself.

The child stars who have come out of the whirlwind of early stardom in one piece have all said how important good, strong parenting is during that time. Doesn't appear that Justin is getting that nor has gotten it for a very long time.

Is it all Justin's dad's fault?

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