Robert Pattinson's Ex-Fling's Sexy Nude Pic Shows Him What He's Missing (PHOTO)

Robert PattinsonYou guys? I know they've been off again, on again for, like ... forever, but I'm really starting to think maybe Robert Pattinson only has eyes for Kristen Stewart.

Sure, he's been linked to a few ladies since their split, in particular Dylan Penn -- but for whatever reason, that little romance didn't go anywhere. And based on Dylan's new nude cover of treats! magazine, it seems that Rob definitely missed out on a treat or two by not pursuing things with her a little more seriously.






Dylan Penn


No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. All she's "wearing" is a Fendi bag. And she looks damn good in it. Or should I say, it looks damn good on her? (Whatever.)

Um, does she have the most bangin' bod ever or what? Why on Earth wouldn't Rob be all over her -- unless he's still so hung up on Kristen he can't even entertain the idea of hooking up with someone else?!?

If he doesn't take one look at this cover and realize exactly what he's missing by not getting back out into the dating world, then Rob should probably run right back into KStew's (somewhat loving) arms and never look back. I mean, if you were a dude, wouldn't you be all up in Dylan Penn's biz the minute you saw her sexy cover shot? (What hot-blooded guy wouldn't?)

Do you think Rob will ever move on from Kristen?


Images via Pacific Coast News/treats!

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