Gwyneth Paltrow Wanted to Tell One Big Lie About Her Marriage

Gwyneth PaltrowSince Gwyneth Paltrow is so organic and natural and all of that, you wouldn't think she would want anything about her life to be fake -- especially her marriage. But rumor has it that's exactly what she wanted. A marriage in name only, one to keep up appearances. So claims Page Six anyway. A source told the New York Post:

It was [Chris Martin's] idea to announce the split. They had drifted apart, and there was no chance they’d get back together, so he felt it was wrong to keep pretending.

How long was Gwynnie going to let this go on?? Letting us believe she had the perfect marriage when it was all a sham, smoke and mirrors??


The source went on to say that Gwyneth is now upset about the announcement of the conscious uncoupling.

Sometimes I do wonder why celebs bother to announce this stuff. All it does is feed the gossips and tabloids. Of course, if you don't, you run the risk of being caught out holding hands or kissing someone who is not your spouse and being splashed all over the tabs as a cheater. But occasionally famous couples, such as Jessica Lange and Sam Shepherd and Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, manage to consciously uncouple for years before anyone catches wind of it.

Also, Gwyneth is always being asked about her marriage in interviews. She's usually saying something about how "hard" or "complicated" marriage is -- which would all be pretty shady if the fact is she wasn't with her husband at all.

Besides, she's the type who is always yammering on about living authentically, and you can't be authentic and live a lie. So if this rumor is true, and I have my doubts, but if it is, then it's good that Gwyneth decided to be truthful. Or maybe she had no choice because Chris made her.

Sources also say that in general people are blaming Gwyn for the split because of her alleged dalliances with a real estate mogul and a lawyer. And that Chris is perceived as being naive and innocent. Yeah, right!

Do you think Gwyneth really wanted to live a lie?

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