A.J. McCarron & Katherine Webb Are So Hot They Got Their Own TV Show

Katherine WebbKatherine Webb and AJ McCarron recently made us all squee with excitement and oogle her bling when she announced via Instagram that the pair was engaged, but we're going to be able to take our voyeurism to the next level, because this duo is shooting a reality show about their upcoming wedding.

The couple shot to fame during the 2013 BCS Championship game when commentator Brent Musburger completely went completely nuts for the Alabama quarterback's girlfriend. The gorgeous girl was also Miss Alabama USA 2012, and has since expanded her modeling portfolio to high-profile jobs like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Katherine's sister Laurie told the college newspaper The Plainsman that producers are filming a reality show around their impending nuptials, and even already have the proposal in the can. 

“They’ve already started filming during the proposal,” Laurie Webb told the newspaper. “From what I understood, it came from someone else. I don’t think they were trying to get into a reality show, I think they just had the opportunity and decided to take it.”

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Rumor is that they're still shopping for a network, but this isn't Katherine's first foray into reality television. The stunner was on ABC's celebrity diving competition called Splash last year, but had to exit the show early due to injuries.

They may not have picked a network yet, but one thing's for sure -- it's not going to be long, drawn-out engagement for these two! Katherine's mother Leslie said “We just had to get into wedding mode super quick ... she’s wanting to keep it in Alabama, but because it’s such a short time frame, that might not be an option.”

The bride-to-be is currently shopping wedding venues and dresses for the July 11 event.

Family members have already started doing interviews with the camera for the show, even though her dad Alan still hasn't quite wrapped his mind around his daughter's celebrity status.He said, “To me, I still have a hard time viewing my daughter as being some type of celebrity ... she’s just still my daughter ..."

Awww! How can we not love this couple already?

Will you watch Katherine and AJ tie the knot?
Image via Katherine Webb/Instagram

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