Kristen Stewart's Birthday Could Easily Be Ruined by Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartShe turned 24 years old today, and to celebrate the next year of her life, Kristen Stewart is attending Coachella with friends this weekend, which is becoming an annual thing for her.

Remember when she and Robert Pattinson went together last year and were photographed looking all lovey-dovey? (At least by their standards.)

Well, according to Hollywood Life, Kristen is hoping to relive their experience, which is why she's sincerely hoping he'll decide to join her at the festival.


A "friend" of Stewart's says, "Kristen is planning a weekend-long birthday celebration with friends at Coachella. Ellie Goulding and Kate Nash will be performing and Kristen loves, loves, loves Coachella. She wants Rob to come as well. It's going to be so awesome cause so many amazing performers are going to be there and it’s something we all do together every year."

And since Rob is reportedly back in L.A. right now, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if he decides to tag along and make KStew's birthday wish come true. Even if they aren't in a place where they're thinking about getting back together, they were a huge part of each other's lives for so long, and it would make sense for them to hang out on her birthday. (Plus, do you really think he wants to ruin things for her?!?)

Besides, doesn't everyone who's anyone out in Cali typically attend Coachella? It would almost be strange if Rob didn't go since he's part of the cool crowd, and he might as well join Kristen and her crew if they're already headed there.

And you never know ... this weekend could be exactly what the two of them need to realize once and for all whether or not they're meant to be together. If they can't fall in love all over again surrounded by fun, music, and good friends -- then odds are good it's never going to happen.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will reunite this weekend at Coachella?


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