Khloe Kardashian's True Love Isn't Who You Think

Khloe KardashianRumors are flying that Khloe Kardashian's new love is rapper French Montana, whom she has been spotted with almost constantly lately. She even supposedly helped him look at new homes. However, another source says that Montana isn't the object of her desire -- someone from her past is. Can you guess who???? Nope, not Lamar Odom! (Whew!) It's none other than Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star Matt Kemp, who spent the holidays with Khloe but then hasn't been seen around much since.


A source tells that the proof is in Khloe's behavior. Despite the fact that she was hanging with Montana one night, she supposedly jumped up to call Kemp when he had a great game. The source gabs:

She was cheering for him and when she heard that he hit two home runs [in the same game], she jumped on her phone to leave him a message because she wanted him to know how proud she was. She left him a sweet and private message telling him just that, then called her assistant to have a bottle of champagne with a private note sent directly to his house. She wants to see him and soon to congratulate him in person but he’s in his season and time is something that’s limited.

Hmm. Something tells me Khloe hasn't read Why Men Love Bitches. Khloe, you aren't supposed to send champagne to a guy! Oh well, you know it's not Khloe's style to play games and be aloof. That's what makes people love her.

Anyway, the source even says: "Khloe loves her some Matt."

I'd definitely prefer that Khloe's next love NOT be an athlete, but oh well, maybe baseball is a small step up from b-ball. And anything is a step up from Lamar.

Do you think she's really in love with Kemp or is just pals with him?


Image via Instagram

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