The 1 Reason Kate Middleton Will Probably Chop Off Her Hair (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton is proving that princesses are an awful lot like us -- particularly when they're new moms dealing with an age-old new mom dilemma: just what do you do when your little cutie develops a new hobby that threatens to ruin your good looks?

As adorable as he is, 8-month-old George has started doing something most moms can relate to. It may be just the thing that finally gets Kate to make a drastic hair change.


Judging by this photo, which was taken while Kate and family are enjoying their trip to New Zealand and Australia, little George shares something in common with most babies: he loves to pull and try to eat his mom's hair.

Rumor has it that members of the Royal Family, including Camilla, have advised the Duchess to go shorter and lighter because her usually long, glossy, straight locks are appearing a bit disheveled lately (if that's what they call disheveled, I'd hate to hear what they think of your average woman's hair). One famous London hairdresser went as far as saying Kate could stand to chop about six inches from her hair.

Some wonder if Kate may make a hair change because she has less time to dedicate to her glorious mane now that George is in the picture and so eager to grasp and pull her strands apart!

I'm not sure how necessary it is to get all worked up about a little hair-pulling, given how quickly this phase passes. Kate needn't "lighten up" unless she wants to make a change -- her chestnut brown hair totally suits her. All she needs is a bit of patience and a few elastic hair bands or clips to keep her locks out of George's reach for the next few months.

Do you think Kate should cut her hair? Did you change your hair when you had a baby?


Images via James Whatling/Splash News/Corbis

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