New Footage of Kate Middleton & Prince George Is Simply to Die For! (VIDEO)

Prince George Kate Middleton

Squee! Ok, so last night we caught our first glimpse of photos from Prince George's official playdate at Government House in Wellington, New Zealand. Needless to say, our hearts melted in an instant over the insane level of cuteness.

Sure, we've seen a few pictures of him with Kate Middleton and Prince William since his birth -- but never shots of him, you know, acting like a normal everyday baby.

And if you thought he was all sorts of adorbs resting his royal little head on his gorgeous mama's shoulder, just wait until you get a load of him interacting with the other babies who were in attendance, smiling, and crawling!


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Here's a video clip from the playgroup -- and try and stop yourself from grinning. (It's impossible.)

OMG. Sweetest thing ever, right? Doesn't he seem like the happiest, most mellow baby? Being in a room full of strange people didn't faze him one bit, which should prove to be very beneficial as he grows up in the royal world.

And it was so sweet to watch this clip and see Kate in her mom role as opposed to a more formal one. She's obviously such a natural with George, and man -- that little boy adores her! (Not that there was ever any doubt.)

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