New Topless 'Playboy' Pic of Kim Kardashian Leaked -- OMG!

kim kardashianBefore she was a Vogue cover girl, and before she was part of the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, Kim Kardashian did Playboy. In 2007, Kim stripped down for the infamous girly mag, showing the world her tatas and her world-renowned behind in a series of seriously sultry, seriously cheesy poses. (A black satin sheet, Hef? Really?)

Kim has nothing to be ashamed of as she -- surprise, surprise -- looks fantastic in all the pics. But man, talk about lousy timing. Just as Kim is solidifying her role as a bona fide, Anna Wintour-approved fashion icon, a woman who's above mere reality TV-stardom, someone goes and leaks a never-before-seen topless pic of Kim from Playboy.


A Spanish magazine somehow got a hold of an unreleased topless photo of Kim from the shoot and published it, assumingly without permission. In the pic, which is artfully done in a hazy black and white, Kim is lying down on a bed in nothing but a headband and giant statement necklace. Again, she looks great, but it's doubtful that this is the sort of thing she wants to be known for right now. Sexy butt selfies are one thing, but full-on nudity in a trashy magazine is quite another. She's classy now, guys, okay?

(Then again, this is publicity for Kim, and if there's one thing those Kardashians love ... )

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Although Kim isn't the easiest person in the world to feel badly for, if this photo was published without her knowledge or permission, it's kind of a bummer. What person hasn't done something dumb when they're young that they come to regret years later? It's never fun when your past comes back to haunt you. We've all been there, albeit most of us in different circumstances than this.

Kim's a fighter, though. And her mother's an evil genius. I'm guessing at some point during the next Keeping Up With the Kardashians season, there will be an A-story in which Kim learns about the leaked photo; cries about it; is consoled by her sisters; and then comes to accept it. It's always a happy ending in Kardashianland.

What do you think of Kim's leaked photo? Sexy? Cheesy?


Image via Playboy

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