Kanye West's New Rap About Kim's Rear End Is Totally Disrespectful (LISTEN)

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestBecause Kanye West can't get enough of his woman, he wrote another musical verse for her. The audio was released on Tuesday, so no word if the video will include any footage of topless Kim Kardashian, but if the lyrics to this rap are any indication, it's likely to feature another of Kim's more dominant assets.

Kanye West's contribution to Future's "I Won" is an ode to her beautiful soul, of course. Ha! Just kidding. It's more along the lines of wanting to dip her hindquarters in gold. And by "along the lines," I mean that's what it is. The single features the oh so lyrical line, "I want to dip that ass in gold."


Oh dear.

The gist of the song, which was apparently written for both Kim and Future's girl, R&B singer Ciara, is that they feel like they won themselves trophy wives. Also they want to have a lot of sex with them. Up against the wall. Classy.

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In addition to making it very clear that he enjoys possessing a trophy wife with a famous butt, Kanye also mentions having "won" her over some of her famous exes. He raps, "I want to dip that ass in gold, I want to dip that ass in gold / I made it over NBA, NFL players / So every time I score it's like the Super Bowl. Baby, we should hit the south of France / So you could run around without them pants."

He also talks about how he put "an angel in [her] ultrasound" and gives a shout out to Kris for creating a whole bunch of beautiful trophies. "You could look at Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney, and Khloe / All your mama ever made was trophies, right?"

Take a listen, and you've been warned -- this is not safe for work.

Is it just me, or did female empowerment get set back a few dozen years? Women are to be owned and possessed? Cultivated from their mother's loins to be trophies based on no merit of their own but rather good genetics and an even better plastic surgeon?

I guess if you're into that. Personally, I'd rather not have my backside dipped in gold and set on a shelf like a trophy.

Do you think these lyrics are offensive or a loving tribute to women?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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