Kim Kardashian Enrages Fans by Doing Something SO Innocent (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianThis may sound pretty darn harmless to most of us, but after Kim Kardashian "stole" a photo from Google that she then tried to pass off as her own personal shot from her Thailand trip, she's receiving quite a bit of criticism.

After she shared the pic via Instagram captioned with, "Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand" ... fans were quick to rip her to shreds point out that the image is most certainly not hers, as it's one that's easily found on Google where anyone and everyone can see it.

Why they thought to Google it to make sure it wasn't hers is beyond me, but whatever. They still did it.

Check out the photo below.

Do you honestly think she was out to trick people with this shot?


Kim Kardashian Instagram

While it's sort of understandable that people are calling her out for the mistake, is it really that big of a deal?

First of all, it's not like Kim indicated that this was a picture she took herself, so she's not really stealing the image or trying to take credit for it or anything like that. It seems like she was simply feeling like leaving Thailand was bittersweet and wanted to share a photo to commemorate the beauty of the place, which seems pretty innocent if you ask me.

But even if she did post the pic assuming people would think she took it, who really cares?!? Aren't there better things to obsess over than what sorts of pictures Kim Kardashian has on her Instagram page?

Um, did you see that amazeballs photo of her bare butt in a thong bikini that surfaced yesterday? That's definitely something that's more worthy of fans' attention. Or how about the fact that Kim and Kanye's wedding may not happen if one of them doesn't establish residency in France at least 40 days prior to their nuptials?

Yeah. That's more deserving of getting all OMG! over for sure.

It's a photo. Of a gorgeous beach. (GET OVER IT, people.)

Do you feel duped by Kim?


Images via Pacific Coast News/Instagram

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