‘Game of Thrones’ Renewed for Seasons 5 & 6 but Will Books Come Out in Time?

tyrion lannisterIn light of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the premiere of season 4 of Game of Thrones, fans have even more reason to rejoice this week: HBO has renewed the show for seasons 5 and 6!

Let the shit throwing begin!

It's not really all that shocking. The premiere, "Two Swords," debuted to massive ratings, equaling 6.6 million viewers, which reportedly is HBO's most-watched program since The Sopranos’ series finale. Pretty crazy, right? It's tremendously fantastic news, especially since all the hard work the folks behind the show put into it is really, truly paying off.

But you know what we have to ask, right? Can George R. R. Martin keep up and finish writing the series, or will the TV show catch up too quickly to the books?


As A Song of Ice and Fire fans are well aware, George has published five books out of his seven-book series. A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance With Dragons should all be adorned on your bookshelves by now. We are still waiting on The Winds of Winter as well as A Dream of Spring.

It takes ol' George yeeeeeeeeeears to come out with new installments, and fans are constantly worried that something will happen to him or he'll kick the bucket before he has a chance to wrap up the series. And because we're being so sensitive, what does this all mean for the uber-popular television show?

Season 4 of Game of Thrones is based off the second half of A Storm of Swords and may draw from material from books #4 and #5. We can only hope that The Winds of Winter will come out in the next year. So perhaps season 5 will be based off of books #4 and #5 (they actually take place in the same time period but the narrative is split to accommodate the five gazillion characters in the series). Then season 6 could be the inspiration for The Winds of Winter -- though it's tough to say if the book will be published in time for the show to begin pre-production. But let's say the sixth book comes out in time for season 6. Well, then what about book 7?!

It's easy for the first initial thought to be: A MOVIE. Wait however many years for A Dream of Spring to come out and make a movie out of it. Still, combining everything that happens into a three-hour film may be daunting, and even 10 hours of show-time isn't enough to get through all the amazing stuff in these books, so ... A TRILOGY?! It isn't out of the realm of possibility, but even so, we just want George to get to writing and finish up this series once and for all!

Though basically:

Right? Well then we can go back to our semi-normal lives. Who am I kidding, we'll continue to obsess over this show and these books until the end of time.

Are you excited to hear Game of Thrones was renewed for seasons 5 and 6? What do you think will happen with the seventh book?


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