'RHOA' Cast Threatens to Quit Over Porsha Stewart & Kenya Moore Feud


It seems a day can't go by without some new Real Housewives drama -- and this one's a doozy. Not along ago, the Atlanta cast heated up the headlines after Porsha Stewert reportedly attacked costar Kenya Moore during the reunion taping. They may have left with their weaves in tact, but there's still some serious fallout. According to TMZ, Porsha may get fired over the skirmish.


The producers supposedly want to use that as justification to get rid of the ditzy Southern belle. Though it doesn't look like she will be sulking off into obscurity just yet. All of her castmates -- except Kenya, not surprisingly -- have hatched a plan to keep her around.

They have issued an ultimatum: If Porsha gets the boot, they will walk off the show. If you think that's just talk, keep in mind that none of their contracts have been renewed yet. In fact, they have been on hold since the brawl went down. Some sources say it's all a part of a play to ultimately get Kenya canned.

Honestly, firing Porsha would be an insanely bad idea and not just because the other Housewives want her to stay. Aside from her messy divorce, her storyline has always been pretty dull. Now, however, she has clearly flipped the script and is bringing the drama. Isn't that what they pay them for? Why let her go now when she is finally filming some camera-worthy moments?

As for the costars who are standing by her side, they are kidding themselves if they think they are not replaceable. Each season we meet a new woman or two who is willing to make a total fool out of herself and embarrass her entire family all for the sake of reality TV fame. Plus, even if all the others left, Bravo would likely still have Kenya. And we all know Kenya has been the center of much of craziness the last two seasons. She's all they really need to jump start a new group of over-the top ATL divas.

Do you think the threat to quit will work?


Image via BravoTV.com

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