Robert Pattinson's Embarrassing Mistake Could've Happened to Anyone

Robert PattinsonD'oh! Everybody messes things up now and then, but wait until you hear what Robert Pattinson accidentally did on the set of his new film, Life.

If you recall, the movie is based on the life of the photographer, Dennis Stock (Rob's character), who was assigned to take shots of legendary actor James Dean. And since the film takes place back in 1955, the costumes are what you'd expect from that time period -- as are the props.


This is where the "mistake" comes in. Rob dropped a $10,000 vintage camera -- and the darn thing fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.

He reportedly shouted, "Whoops!" after the little mishap and tried to clean up the mess -- and then the poor dude "apologized profusely."

Rob was then given a replacement camera, this time with a neck strap so he wouldn't drop it by mistake all over again. Oh, and each time they were finished shooting scenes -- they had a prop person run over and retrieve it from him just to be on the safe side.

Aww! He must have been so humiliated, not to mention a bit bummed out, considering something like that is irreplaceable. But hey, it could've happened to anyone, right? Poor guy should just shake it off and move on.

Do you think Rob should be embarrassed?


Image via Splash

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