Rascal Flatts' Lip-Syncing Scandal Makes Blake Shelton Look Like a Jerk (VIDEO)

Rascal FlattsDid you watch the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday? Apparently everyone was talking about country trio Rascal Flatts afterward, thanks to their pitch-perfect performance of "Rewind." As in, a little too pitch-perfect: by and large, viewers suspected that the group was lip syncing the song.

I've seen the video, and I'm not sure how there was ever any question about it -- it's quite obvious Rascal Flatts was going through the motions while the album track played. Last night, the band confirmed what most people already knew, and while their lip sync confession doesn't seem particularly controversial to me, it for SURE makes Blake Shelton look like an asshole.


Take a look at Rascal Flatts "singing" their new single at the ACMs:

Social media backlash was swift, and the band ended up posting the following statement on Facebook and Twitter:

After having performed several shows earlier in the week, Gary lost his voice. So instead of canceling our commitment to do the show, we made a last minute decision to lip-sync. We’ve never done it  before, and obviously we’re not very good at it. We look forward to singing live again in the very near future!

Personally, I'm no longer remotely surprised by lip syncing revelations, but the reason this one's so ironic is because of Blake Shelton’s obnoxious dig at Britney Spears during the start of the show. ACM co-host Luke Bryan started things out by saying, "Everybody in here tonight is ready to listen to some great amazing live music," and Shelton followed up with,

And if you don’t like live music, then you need to go down the block and see Britney Spears.

Haaaaaaa. Or you could just stay seated, as it turned out.

Rascal Flatts' decision to lip sync is also being questioned by some who think the band should have sent in their regrets rather than mouthing the lyrics. As the Washington Post put it,

Who wants to let not having a voice get in the way of plugging your new single in front of 14 million people? They understandably didn’t want to give up the spot, and that’s another reason some got so angry: Commitment or not, there were plenty of deserving artists in the audience who weren’t given a chance to perform (Rascal Flatts didn’t even have a nomination) and would have loved a chance to get up on stage. (...) this should offer a valuable lesson to future artists: If you really don’t have a voice, just cancel.

Some think country music is supposed to have more authenticity than pop, but in my mind, they're all pretty similar. Image may be less important to the country genre, but it clearly still matters. As Blake Shelton has likely realized, it's pretty damn awkward to mock Britney Spears for lip syncing ... then turn the stage over to a "more credible" band who did the exact same thing.

What do you think of Rascal Flatts' lip syncing? Do you care?

Image via CBS

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