Why Kylie Jenner Can’t Deny Her Face Has Changed

Kylie Jenner has denied having any plastic surgery despite having a face that looks somewhat different than it did just a couple of years ago. Of course, in their teens, girls' faces change rapidly. At 12, I was a geeky-looking girl with squinty eyes and a prominent nose. At 13, something suddenly changed, and the boys were all up in my shiznit. A little makeup here, some highlights there, some baby fat that goes away, and it can make all the difference. But there is one feature of Kylie's that has definitely not changed due to anything natural. And that is her lips.


Kylie recently posted a pic of herself on Instagram -- and basically all you can see is her mouth. Kylie has always been the most delicate and (to me) most natural-looking of the surgery-obsessed clan. But now she's looking more like Kim with that trout pout. She's clearly either used fillers or a lip plumping gel that can be bought over the counter.

Kylie's old lips

While her lips still look fine, I liked her natural look better. Nature knows what to put where and what works with what. When you mess with nature, things can start to look jarring and out of place. But she clearly thought that she wouldn't be able to make that perfect duckface for selfies without the lip enhancement. 

Since her lips still aren't gargantuan (yet), it's not that bad. But once you get going this young, it's hard to stop. Now she's probably going to want to change something else ... and then something else.

Kylie has denied she's had any plastic surgery and this wouldn't qualify as that exactly -- but, man, her lips sure have ballooned. If she denies this, then maybe she thinks we all need to get our eyes checked.

Do you think Kylie had her lips plumped?


Images via Instagram

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