Details of Prince George's First Official Playdate Are Not What You'd Expect

Kate Middleton Prince GeorgeAww! Somebody is all set to attend his very first royal "event", as Prince George will have a playgroup of sorts in New Zealand as the Royal Tour kicks off.

He will attend the playdate with Kate Middleton and Prince William at Government House, the home of the Governor-General in Wellington. All of the other babies who will be in attendance were reportedly born around his birthday of July 22.

Ten lucky families will have the privilege of chatting it up with Kate and Wills while their little ones play with Georgie-Porgie. Apparently they are "looking forward to swapping anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of being first-time parents."


Um, yeah. That's exactly what I'd want to focus on if I were sitting in the room hanging out with Kate freakin' Middleton! Can you even imagine?!? Most of us probably wouldn't be able to get past whatever she was wearing, let alone try and have an intelligent conversation about whether or not our babies are sleeping through the night and/or what types of solid foods they're eating.

I can picture it now. She'd politely glance my way and say something like, "Oh. Your son is just brilliant. He plays so lovely with George."

And then I'd be all, "Blahahmumummhuuuuuhhhh ... what? I mean, your dress is fabulous. I mean, yeah -- George is a wonderful baby too. Where'd ya get those shoes?"

But in all seriousness, it does sound like Plunket, the agency who arranged the playgroup, did a pretty decent job of choosing families who are diverse, along with having an even mix of baby boys and girls.

I'm sure it will be the experience of a lifetime for these fortunate moms and dads, and something they will talk about for years to come -- especially as their babies grow up. "You met the future King of England when you were a baby -- here's the photo proof!"

(Pretty cool.)

Would you be able to handle a playdate with Kate and baby George?


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