Rob Lowe Claims His Ridiculously Good Looks Harmed His Career

Rob LoweDon't hate him because he's beautiful. OK, can I hate Rob Lowe because ... nope, can't think of a reason to hate Rob Lowe! Even if he does come off a bit like Derek Zoolander in a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine.

The 50-year-old (!!) former Parks and Recreation star talked about his ridiculous good looks, and how the stigma of handsomeness was "debilitating to his career." Sorry Rob, I can't talk right now, I'm busy learning to play the violin so I can play you the world's saddest song.


"There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting," he said, undoubtedly with a sad, heavy, and more likely than not, sexy sigh. "They can’t be any of the things that you long to play as an actor. I’m getting to play those parts now and loving it. When I was a teen idol, I was so goddamn pretty I wouldn’t have taken myself seriously." 

Shhhh! No one tell Brad Pitt he wasn't supposed to take any interesting or painful roles until he hit 50!

I'm guessing Rob didn't take on those roles because it was easier and more fun to play the pretty boy. No harm in that, Mr. Lowe, but don't try to wax poetic about your tragic beauty. Those of us that didn't hit the genetic jackpot have little sympathy for you.

Anyway, this kind of thing almost makes me want to not like Rob Lowe, but then I remember that he looks like Rob Lowe, and I can't really hate him. Besides, I love an underdog story, and Rob's is second only to Robert Downey Jr.'s. Sorry dude, but RDJ got to be Iron Man (and he doesn't go around complaining about being beautiful) (just saying).

Is it ever appropriate to complain about being too pretty?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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