'Full House' Star Confesses to Getting Wasted & 'Sleeping With' John Stamos

Full House might be known for launching the careers of the Olsen twins and John Stamos, but hey, let's not forget about Bob Saget! Bob may have played a sweet, straight-laced, kinda boring, nothing-to-see-here-folks type of dude on the show, but behind the scenes, he was anything but. And in his new book, Dirty Daddy, he pulls back the curtain on what was really happening on the '80s hit sitcom. Hint: He and John Stamos actually slept together.


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Yes, apparently Bob and John, who were best buds on the show and off, went to Vegas one time and it turned into a real-life version of the The Hangover, minus Bradley Cooper (mmm, Bradley and John ... but I digress ...).

Bob says he got so drunk that:

John ended up literally taking off my shoes, cutting up my room-service steak and feeding me so I wouldn’t yack. One of his sisters even stopped by to check on us. Then he put me to bed. He went to bed soon after. Next to me. When I woke up the following day I realized ... I had just slept with John Stamos.

Bob didn't mention if he woke up naked -- but I'm guessing not. Too bad. Guess things didn't get as wild on this set as they did on The Partridge Family. But that was the '70s.

Bob also revealed that he had to change the Olsen twins' diapers more than once. He wrote:

Cameras were rolling and one of the young ladies had made a poop, which had to be removed or we would have been holding a child with a smashed-poo-filled diaper for a long scene.

So did he just reach in and grab that thing outta there? Brave man. He also confesses that when the Olsens weren't on set, he would rehearse with a small blowup doll in their place -- and would make sexual gestures at it to get a laugh from the crew. Bob, that's SO wrong!

He also wrote that his comedy has been molded by his obsession with death -- that so many deaths happened in his family (he lost two older siblings and two siblings that died before he was born) that he used comedy as a way of coping with the pain. Ugh.

Hopefully, sleeping with John Stamos and fishing some poop out of the Olsen twins' diapers cheered him up somewhat. Oh, and those Full House royalty checks. I bet those put a smile on his face.

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