Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry's 'Hookup' Might Be Happening After All

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry

Rumors about the two of them doing the dirty have been running rampant for quite some time. Now there's speculation over whether Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry will record a duet -- because that would only be fitting, right?

I mean, he's single. And she's single. And Rob and Katy have both been through pretty tough breakups with Kristen Stewart and John Mayer respectively. It definitely makes total sense for them to want to heal their broken hearts through music.

And duh -- it's not like they haven't gotten their singing on together before.


Oh come on, you remember that video of Katy and Rob singing "I'll Make Love to You" that surfaced back in 2013, don't you?

Allow me to refresh your memory.

LOL. Cracks me up every time I see it. (How awesome is drunk Rob? I'll bet he's such a hoot.)

Whether or not anything romantic has ever happened between them is beside the point. It's obvious they're pretty decent friends, so why shouldn't they collaborate on a song? It's been reported that Rob wants to pursue a music career and take a break from acting for a bit, so teaming up with Katy would be a great way to kick things off.

But given his history for falling for a co-star and Katy's for getting serious with a fellow musician, there is the chance this little project could lead into a relationship. Would it really be so horrible for either of them to find what they're looking for in each other? 

I think not. And that's definitely something to sing about.

Do you think Rob and Katy make a cute couple?


Image via likeafoool/YouTube

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