Mickey Rooney Dies at 93 But These Legendary Performances Live On (VIDEOS)

Acting icon Mickey Rooney has died after a long illness at age 93. At one time, the 5'2" powerhouse was easily the most famous and highest-paid star in the world. Rooney got his start working as a baby with his vaudevillian parents and went on to anchor the immensely popular Andy Hardy film series and co-star with just-starting-out legends like Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Clark Gable, and Jean Harlow. He's also starred in many films that are synonymous with "childhood" and is an important part of many childhood pop culture memories. He may be gone, but he will live on forever. Here are six of Rooney's most cherished moments in film.


1. Andy Hardy. Rooney starred in 14 Andy Hardy films. Judy Garland costarred in three of them. The two became a popular song and dance team.


2. National Velvet. Rooney starred with a preternaturally gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor in this story about a girl in love with her horse.

3. Boys Town. Rooney was only 18 when he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Whitey Marsh alongside costar Spencer Tracy.


4. Twilight Zone. Rooney delivered an entire Twilight Zone episode all by himself in "The Last Night of a Jockey." Just in case you thought he couldn't deliver a dramatic performance, check this out:


5. Santa Claus. It's hard to think of a better Santa. Rooney was the voice of Kris Kringle in four classic Santa Claus movies. 'Member this?


6. The Black Stallion. Rooney has a massive comeback in the 1979 film in which he played a retired jockey trying to help a young boy tame a wild horse. He went on to reprise his role in the TV series that would debut 11 years later, when he was 70.

What is your favorite Mickey Rooney film?


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