Amanda Bynes' Sexy New Pics Reveal a Lot About Her Emotional State (PHOTOS)

amanda bynesAmanda Bynes just celebrated her 28th birthday in a way much different from how she celebrated her 27th: She hung out with her mom and dad. The former Nickelodeon star enjoyed her spring break from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (and her bday) in Cabo San Lucas with her parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes. This is wonderful news, considering the state of Amanda and her parents' relationship a few months ago. Many of you probably recall that incredibly disturbing tweet.

Also surprising? Amanda tweeted two bikini photos of herself while away in Mexico -- and she looks fantastic! Really, truly happy and healthy as opposed to scary skinny, like she was in the midst of her breakdown. So glad she appears to be doing better.


amanda bynes

amanda bynes

She looks great, right? And before anyone starts rolling their eyes at the fact that Amanda pulled a Kim Kardashian (tweeting photos of herself sans clothes; that's what that's officially called), they should know that photos of Amanda in the same neon yellow bathing suit surfaced on the Internet, thanks to the paparazzi, before she posted these pics. It was sort of a response to the invasiveness of the photogs. At least that's how I'm viewing it.

It really is such a relief that Amanda seems to be doing well these days and that she has a relationship with her mother and father. Clearly, she still has a long road ahead of her, but this trip, bikini pics and all, are certainly a step in the right direction.

Do you think Amanda is on her way to getting healthy? What do you think of her tweeting bikini photos?


Images via Amanda Bynes/Twitter

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