Miley Cyrus Is Utterly Inconsolable Over This Tragic Loss

Miley CyrusPoor Miley Cyrus. Say what you will about her tongue lolling and hammer licking, Miley has a soft spot for animals, and a girl who has a heart for animals will always be all right in my book. Miley's dog Floyd died a few days ago and while Miley hasn't publicly revealed what happened to the adopted puppy, one outlet says a backup dancer let it slip that Floyd got on the wrong end of a fight with a coyote. She called the day he died the "second worst day of my life" and while the first worst day wasn't exactly clear, it could have been the actual day Floyd died, since she recently said April 2 was the "third worst day of my life." But it appears her mom, Tish, knew how to make Miley feel better -- at least for a moment.


Miley tweeted:

Awww. Moonie is absolute adorbs. I hope he didn't come from a puppy mill. But Moonie couldn't relieve the heartbreak. Miley has continued to tweet about her misery -- which is only periodically alleviated by "Mary Jane." Which presumably is her other dog, Mary Jane. But I suspect there might be a double entendre here, because you know how Miley is with the other Mary Jane.

But it's clear that both Mary Janes aren't helping Miley get over her heartbreak. Last night she repeatedly tweeted about Floyd and her misery over his death:


She even threatened to scream and wake up her entire hotel. Wow. Maybe Miley needs some pet grief counseling. I'm not being sarcastic. That type of therapy exists and with good reason. Losing a sweet, loyal friend who gave you unconditional love is no small thing. Honor Floyd by doing good in the animal world, Miley. I personally am very sorry for your loss.

Have you ever been devastated over a pet's death?

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