Robert Pattinson Has an Awesome Reason for Wanting to Be Single Right Now

robert pattinsonMan, if the Internet was to be believed, Robert Pattinson has been busy with the ladies these days. Some reports were claiming that he was meeting his former flame Dylan Penn in Madrid for a romantic rendezvous last week; others were claiming that he and Kristen Stewart were rekindling their romance just in time for her upcoming birthday.


A new report is saying that all of the recent Rob gossip is just ... gossip. Rob isn't dating anyone at the moment, nor does he want to. Rob is doing one thing and one thing only right now: Himself.


An insider said, "Rob is so busy with work right now that dating is pretty much not on his radar.'' For reals?! I mean, Rob has been busy -- he recently wrapped The Rover and Maps to the Stars and is currently filming Queen of the Desert and Life -- but not on his radar at all? I find that a little hard to believe. Although, if that's the case, good for him! Time to himself, away from any and all relationship drama, can't be a bad thing. Rob has a long history, whether it's made up or not, of tumultuous, on-again/off-again love situations. Frankly, it sounds exhausting. It would be great to see Rob and Kristen reunited, but time to themselves -- a lot of time -- would probably be good for both of them.

This, of course, could be gossip, also, but it's certainly more believable than a lot of the other stuff we've heard about them. Guess we'll wait and see!

(Cut to a post about Rob and Kristen planning a wedding in about an hour.)

Do you think Rob and Kristen are together right now?


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