Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Finally Turning Into Royal Divas

kate middletonPrince William and Kate Middleton may be royalty, but they certainly don't act like it. Except, you know, for that whole elaborate wedding thing. The Duke and Duchess watch The Apprentice together; Kate shops at the Gap; and they never travel with a massive entourage like some royals we know (cough, Queen Elizabeth, cough).

Well, until now.

Tidbits about William and Kate's upcoming official tour of Australia and New Zealand have leaked, and it looks like somebody is getting more comfortable in their roles as future king and queen.

To which I say: Do it up, you two! Use those amenities, K and W. Shoot, I would have had a lady-in-waiting combing my locks day two into my Duchess-dom.


According to reports, Kate and William will be traveling with their biggest entourage to date. The Duke and Duchess will be bringing 11 staff members along with them for their royal tour. Who's going? William's private secretary, Miguel Head; Kate's private secretary, Rebecca Deacon; three press officers, Ed Perkins, Nick Loughran, and Katrina McKeever; an orderly; Kate's hairdresser; the couple's adviser, David Manning; a personal assistant; an extra secretary; and, last but certainly not least, the nanny.

While it may sound diva-ish of the couple to travel with so many people in tow, the entourage is actually pretty small compared to other royal tours. Prince Charles typically travels with a staff of 14, and the queen always travels with numerous ladies-in-waiting, as well as a large group of secretaries, press officers, etc.

I love that the Duke and Duchess have remained so down-to-earth and independent thus far into their royal duties, but I would guess that the older they get, and the more responsibilities they take on, the more they'll resign themselves to the help of other people. And why not? It's theirs for the royal taking. May I suggest traveling with a royal masseur next???

Do you think Kate and William seem down to earth?


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