David Letterman Retiring -- His Top 10 'Late Show' Moments Remembered (VIDEO)

David Letterman announced his retirement during the taping of The Late Show on Thursday. The longest-serving late-night talk show host in history told his audience that his last show will be in 2015, as his contract is expiring and he's not renewing.

He's had quite a run over the years, with some hilarious guests, some touching moments, and of course the famously funny daily Top Ten List.

In honor of 20-plus years of The Late Show With David Letterman, here are our Top Ten Favorite Letterman Moments.


1. Getting flashed by Drew Barrymore: When 20-year-old Drew Barrymore visited the show in 1995, it happened to be Dave's birthday. When the subject turned to her love of nude performance dance, she decided to give him a little demonstration. Happy birthday, Dave!

2. Madonna drops the F-bomb (repeatedly): The censors had to use the bleep button quite a few times when Madonna came on in 1995.

3. Peter O'Toole and the camel: When the legendary actor appeared on the show in 2013, he rode in on a camel. And then shared a beer with him. With the camel, that it -- Dave remained sober.

4. Joaquin Phoenix's 'I'm Still Here' Hoax: In 2009, Joaquin showed up on set, and "showed up" is a relative term. The actor appeared to have an epic meltdown, but it turned out the whole thing was a publicity stunt that Dave was not in on.

5. When he confessed his affairs and confronted his blackmailer: In 2009, someone tried to extort Dave for his sexual exploits. Rather than give in to his demands, Dave went on the air and made a heartfelt confession of the "very bad things" he had done.

6. Settling the feud with Oprah: In 2005, the two talk show hosts settled their 20-year feud ... that they didn't even know about!

7. First post-9/11 show: His monologue was incredibly moving and inspirational.

8. Loopy Farrah Fawcett: In 1997, the actress may have indulged in a glass or four of that green room champagne.

9. Cher calls Dave an asshole: He had begged the singer for four years to come on the show, and in 1986, she did, and took the opportunity to ruffle his feathers.

10. Johnny Carson tribute: After Dave's inspiration and mentor died in 2005, he honored him by composing his monologue entirely with jokes the late comedian had sent him.


What was your favorite Letterman moment?


Image via Aaron Stroot/Flickr

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