Bruce Jenner Reportedly Enlists 'Sex Change Coach' & Wants to Be Called Bridgette

bruce jennerMuch has remained quiet on the Bruce Jenner sex change rumor front recently ... until now. A new report in Star (so, yeah, take it with a heaping spoonful of salt) has surfaced, claiming that the former Olympian/Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has enlisted "sex change coach" Dr. Renee Richards. Dr. Richards, born Richard Raskind, a former professional tennis player, has been friends with Bruce for years now, and she's been consulting with him on what exactly gender reassignment surgery entails.

But contrary to what some may think, Dr. Richards is not 100 percent gung ho on Bruce just upping and having surgery. She feels that he should try a few other things before going under the knife, as it is an incredibly serious life decision. But Bruce, who reportedly wants to be called Bridgette eventually, supposedly has his mind made up.


A source said, "Renee told Bruce that it’s a serious, life-altering procedure and is not something to do unless you absolutely have no other choices. She said someone should consider antidepressants first, because life could become an irreversible trainwreck if you’re not completely certain about having the surgery." Sounds like sound advice to me. Having a sex change is a major, major decision -- one of the biggest out there; Bruce should certainly give this careful consideration before doing something he might regret. 

Of course, on the flip side, maybe Bruce has thought this through thoroughly and is ready to pull the trigger. If that's the case, good for him! He should be who he wants to be and not feel like he has to live a lie.

And if all this is hearsay, man, I'm sorry, Bruce.

Do you think Bruce is having a sex change?


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