Tori Spelling's Revenge on Cheating Dean McDermott Might Ruin Her Marriage

Tori SpellingRemember when we all heard that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have another reality show coming out -- this one focusing on their marriage -- and we're all like, "Huh? WTH? Why? Shouldn't those two be quietly sitting in a counselor's office chanting and meditating right now?" Well, rumor has it that the reason they decided to film True Tori (I love how Dean doesn't even get in the title) is because this is Tori's payback. Yeah, Tori's all, Cheat on me, will ya? Well, watch me make you do another reality show, ya creep!


A source tells RadarOnline that not only was the show Tori's idea, but essentially Dean was ordered to do it. Says the source:

[Dean] is far from being a willing participant. He felt extremely pressured by Tori to do the reality show. Tori told him they had to do it because their fans want to know what is going on with their marriage. Too bad Dean doesn’t feel that way.

Wow. I think if you are genuinely trying to save your marriage, the last thing you want to do is appear on a reality series, which survives on drama and angst -- NOT calm, mature dialogue and reflective soul-searching. Plus, now probably isn't the time to ride roughshod over your spouse's wishes.

It's tempting, as the scorned party, to feel that now you get to dictate what happens in the marriage, but with a marriage on such fragile ground to begin with, suddenly one spouse having "all the power" can push it over the edge.

The source goes on to say:

The last thing Dean wants to deal with is production schedules and cameras. He asked Tori to wait a few months before doing the reality show, he just needs some time ... but she insisted it had to be now. Reluctantly Dean agreed because he feels this is all his fault.

As the one who broke the martial vows, no doubt Dean does need to be the beta right now and do whatever he can to make it up to Tori. I'm just not sure this is the right way to go about it. And I thought hell would freeze over before I ever agreed with Dean on anything.

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That said, if Tori and Dean are willing to spill their dirty marriage secrets to the world, I'm willing to watch them. I'd rather see what went down with Gwyneth and Chris, but this will have to do.

Will you watch their new show?


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