Kim Kardashian's Cheesy Sexy Video Spoofed by Family Member & OMG It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

brandon jennerOkay, so you know how recently Kim Kardashian posted a weird -- seriously weird -- video of herself, flipping her hair in a pool whilst looking naked? If you haven't seen it, please click the link, because OMG, it's so weird!!!

Anyway, it's naturally invited its fair share of comments poking fun, but no one has spoofed the -- sorry, Kim -- cheesy video like Kim's stepbrother, Brandon Jenner.

Seriously, even if you don't give a rat's about the Jenner boys, you need to see this super hilarious video. You will never look at Kim Kardashian (or Brandon Jenner) the same.


LOL! Heart this video. And clearly, Brandon was lovingly poking fun at his sister, being that he tagged her in his post. Hopefully, she's not mad!

It's nice to see that we the public aren't the only people in the world who find some of the things Kim Kardashian does completely ridiculous. Thanks for the laugh, Brandon. Can't wait to see you in a bikini next!

How funny is this video?


Image via Brandon Jenner/Instagram

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