The Super-Famous Fan Prince George Has Never Met Might Surprise You

kate and willKate Middleton and Prince William's precious royal bundle of joy is already beloved by people all over the globe. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that not even the ultra famous are immune to his charms. But we bet even his fabulous parents, Kate and Wills, would be taken aback (in a good way) by the latest devotee their son has collected.

At a recent concert in London, Justin Timberlake insisted that the audience raise a glass to Prince George. It was an unexpected gesture, but one that was totally sweet and totally Justin. He is currently on tour in the UK and told folks gathered to see him that he considers London to be his home away from home. TRAITOR. I kid, I kid.


Maybe this devotion to the royal baby will inspire Justin to have some kidlets of his own with Jessica Biel! Or at the very least maybe this public devotion to the new little heir will endear him to Kate and William. Can you imagine the double dinner dates those four would go on? The glamour is almost too much. Plus, I can totally picture Jessica and Kate becoming friends. They seem like their personal interests would align. As much as we love Prince William, I think we can all agree that Justin could teach him a thing or two where hipness is concerned.

Do you think Justin should become besties with the royals?


Image via Instagram

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