Kate Middleton's Favorite TV Show Is WHAT?!

kate middletonNeed more proof that Kate Middleton is just like us? You know, aside from the fact that the Duchess shopped at the Gap before her royal tour of Australia and New Zealand? She loves reality TV! Yep, the Duke and Duchess kick back at the end of the day, like many of us do: By plopping down on the couch; pouring themselves a glass of wine; and zoning out to trashy television. Could this woman get any more likable?

Now. You know you wanna know what her favorite show is?


It's The Apprentice! The UK version, of course, but yeah -- the Donald Trump-inspired show, where entrepreneurs compete against one another for a prize.

Recently, the Duke had a chance to chat with Apprentice UK businesswoman Karren Brady at Buckingham Palace. While Wills had the chance to ask her anything his heart desired, all he wanted to know was: When is the show coming back on?

"He asked me when it was coming back on," Brady told reporters. "I know that he and the Duchess of Cambridge are big fans of the show." How flattering!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have always seemed incredibly down to earth, but this just takes things to a new level. Trips to the Gap, evenings spent at home watching reality competition shows. If they didn't live in a castle, I'd swear this was all taking place under my own roof.

Do you think Kate is down to earth?


Image via Instagram

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