Brooke Burke-Charvet Issued Field Sobriety Test After Crashing Her Maserati

Brooke Burke-CharvetBrooke Burke-Charvet had a rough Wednesday. First, she crashed her pricey car on the way into work. Then, because she's a celebrity, she had to deal with the rumor mill speculating on whether or not she should have been behind the wheel in the first place.

Apparently, the former Dancing With the Stars host lost control of her Maserati and crashed through a chain link fence and in an embankment in Calabasas on Wednesday morning. When the police showed up, she was given a field sobriety test.


She passed with flying colors, thankfully, since, you know, it was the first thing in the morning and she was on the way to work. That's kind of a crappy time to to be drunk. Anyway, it was reportedly some problem with the steering.

But you know how celeb gossip is -- we love headlines about Brooke getting the "drunk treatment" and speculation is always up for grabs in the entertainment industry.

Brooke took to Twitter later in the day to poke fun at the gossip sites questioning law enforcement's motivation for issuing a sobriety test.

Of course the California Highway Patrol had to do a sobriety test? I've been in an accident in California that involved the police showing up, and I didn't have to take a sobriety test. Obviously they must have had a reason for doing one!!

I'm willing to bet that CHP's reason for doing the test was because Brooke is a celebrity that ran her Maserati into an embankment after losing control of it. After all, celebs have done crazier things than drive drunk before lunch.

All's well that ends well. The car only had minor damage, and Brooke seems to be just fine, even if her ego may be a little damaged. She even took the time to tweet one more time to her followers.

Are you surprised she was given a sobriety test?


Image via brookeburke/Twitter

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