Kendall & Kylie Jenner Continue to Post Half-Nude Pics of Themselves (PHOTOS)

kendall kylie jennerI'm not sure how the Kardashians and/or Jenners are managing to eat or sleep during their trip to Thailand. It seems the only thing they've been doing the entire time they've been there is posting bathing suit shots of themselves.

A few days ago, Khloe shared a smoking hot bathing suit pic of herself. Then Kim shared one, natch. And now Kylie and Kendall are getting in on the action (again).

Both Jenner sisters posted racy photos of their butts, and while they're in great shape -- really, girls? Kylie, for the love of all that is holy, you're only 16!


kendall jenner

We get it. They're on vacation. And they have butts. Butt does every photo these girls post of themselves need to be so ... not fully clothed? I get that their sisters aren't exactly examples of why they should do otherwise, but this is getting ridiculous already. It would be nice to see these girls with clothes on once in a while. Not every day. Just once in a while.

Lookin' good, girls, but whaddya say we get a shot of your fingernails or something? You know, an important pic that could change the world.

Are you tired of seeing every Kardashian/Jenner half-naked?


Images via Kendall Jenner/Kyle Jenner/Instagram

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