Robert Pattinson Rushes to Be by Kristen Stewart's Side on Her Birthday!

robert pattinsonA few days ago, it was reported that Robert Pattinson wanted to see Kristen Stewart on her birthday. If Rob could "fly to L.A. and see Kristen for her birthday, he would do it in a heartbeat" was the quote heard 'round the world. (Or, you know, 'round a few gossip blogs.) It sort of sounded like a bunch of you-know-what, as most things pertaining to Rob and Kristen tend to be. But this piece of gossip actually sounds like it might be legit. How legit? Sources are saying Rob actually flew back to L.A. to be with Kristy on her birthday.



An insider says, "Rob is back in town and he's super psyched to spend some quality time with Kristen. They haven't actually seen each other yet, but plan on reuniting in the next day or so with all of the dogs in tow. It's been like four months since they've seen each other. He wanted to make sure he was in LA for Kristen's birthday."

Wow. I'm surprised that, for once, a rumor about Robsten actually turned out to be true. Of course, this too could be a rumor, in which case, joke's on me, but I don't think anyone would lie about Rob being in Los Angeles. And it's an incredibly odd coincidence if he got back into Los Angeles right around the time Kristen is set to celebrate her birthday.

These crazy kids, I tell ya. They can't live with each other, and they can't live without each other. Adorably dysfunctional.

Do you think Rob flew in to see Kristen?


Image via Instagram

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