Kate Middleton Does Weirdly 'Common' Thing Before Going on Vacation

kate middletonGuess you can't take the commoner out of the girl ... Before the Duke and Duchess take off for their weeks-long tour of Australia and New Zealand, Kate Middleton ran about London, picking up some last-minute items for their trip. And you'll never, in a million years, guess where she went. No, really. This is shocking.


The Gap. As in ... the Gap. You know, the store that's in pretty much every single mall in middle America. The store that pretty much every person in America has an item from somewhere in their closet. Kate Middleton did last-minute shopping at the Gap, you guys. I'm sorry, but I can't resist saying it: She really is just like us!

Wanna know what she bought?

According to sources, Kate, who only spent about 20 minutes inside the store, spent approximately $210.45 on the following items: A pair of denim shorts; two navy-and-white-striped onesies; and a pair of gray-and-navy-striped cotton trousers for Prince George. She also bought two pairs of pants for herself. And the craziest part? She waited in line like everyone else! Is there anything this woman can't do? She marries a prince; shops at the Gap; waits in line! Amazing!

We've all known that Kate is super grounded, but I have to say: This level of down-to-earthness is flat-out shocking. I mean, what are we going to see next? Her strolling out of 7-Eleven, drinking a Slurpee? (Dear god, please, yes.)

Have fun on your trip, Kate! And don't forget to pick up a couple rag mags for the flight!

Are you surprised Kate shopped at the Gap?


Image via Instagram

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