Kim Kardashian Made Fun of by LAST Person Anyone Would Ever Suspect

kim kardashianIt's no secret that Kim Kardashian is by far Kris Jenner's favorite child. Kris has even gone as far as to admit it (lovely). So, it's kind of surprising that when Kim was "attacked" by a baby elephant on Tuesday whilst trying to take a selfie with him, Kris, who was standing by, laughed in her daughter's face -- and then poked fun of her on the Internet!


On her Instagram page, Kris posted a photo of Elephantgate, along with the caption, "Ahahahahah @kimkardashian #scaredycat #hesjustababykim." I've gotta say, I'm sort of shocked that Kris actually advertised this photo. I mean, yeah, it's funny. But being that it's one of the only "bad" pictures we've ever seen of Kim, I would have thought the family would want to keep this as under wraps as possible. After all, looking good is Kim's currency. 

It's nice to see that the matriarch/momager/evil genius behind the Kardashian krew is sometimes able to laugh at her empire with the rest of the world. Though, on the flip side, this is just more of what Kris Jenner loves most: Publicity.

How hilarious is it that Kim was "attacked" by a baby elephant?


Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram

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